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Original Vs. Inspired

How important is it for art to be original? It’s a fundamental question about an original artistic vision and approach. Is it possible to mitigate the artistic influences completely to lay claims of originality on a body of work?

Visiting Grand Teton National Park

Earlier this summer I took a trip to Grand Teton National Park to see it much in the same light that Ansel Adams did almost 70 years ago. While the landscape hasn’t changed much, the technology has certainly changed drastically. Ansel Adams was a visionary who roamed the wild and painstakingly printed his imagination in the dark room through a complex zone system.

It’s been nearly 7 years since I shot on film. I am lucky that I was able to create one substantial body of work on film before it’s obsolescence. Most of what I was able to shoot at Grand Teton in a rather short stay was shot in Digital (RAW) and I could treat it in color or black and white. I could have also chosen to experiment with High Dynamic Range(HDR).  I exercised restraint and I am glad I did.

I relate most with Nature photographers in our common love for unspoiled wilderness for an eternity and the enchantment it is able to offer to nourish our souls.



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